Character Creator SimP Series

Download Character Creator SimP Series Free Unity. 

Character Creator SimP Series

SimP Series characters are simple and customizable. Just drag and attach the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons to create a unique looking character. Probably one of the best character customization packs in store!

Multi Materials – Character’s costume are separated into different parts. you can change the costume color easily by adjusting the tint color in the material. See tutorial images for more info.

One Material (New! Added in version 1.3) – We have added new one material body for games that require more optimized set up!

Updates. New Content
– Fixed missing mesh on Male 01 Barbarian 02

– New body type! Busty female.
– 90 Busty female body one material costumes.
– 2 customized characters

– 30 one material male novice costumes

Version 1.3
– Unity Package 5.1.2 is no longer supported. Please use 5.6 or higher.
– 30 one material female novice costumes

Version 1.2
– Male and Female face masks. You can draw your own character’s face!

Version 1.1
– 24 Big Swords
– 24 Big Shields
– 24 Spears
– 14 Spear animations

Customized Character Prefabs
Customized character samples are provided in this pack.Currently there are 12 Customized Characters Prefabs.

Currently, there are 2 types and 3 categories.
Types: Multi Materials Body, One Material Body.
Categories: Average, Busty(one material only), Giant and Skeleton. See preview images for more info.

Multi materials Body. This type of body uses a few materials in character to maximize customization. You can change the color of different parts of the body.
– 9 female archers
– 6 female barbarians
– 6 female knights
– 9 female novices
– 1 female with underwear
– 9 female witches
– 3 male archers
– 6 male barbarians
– 6 male knights
– 9 male novices
– 1 male with underwear
– 6 male wizards

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