Cel Toon Outline Post Process Material

Cel Toon Outline Post Process Material Free Download Unreal Engine Asset. 

Transform any scene to a cel toon shader style with outlines and cel color transition. For Windows PC.


Cel shading: able to choose between 2 or 3 shade transitions with customizable dark and light colors.

Outline: normal and depth outline. Color, thickness, and distance fading are customizable.

Ambient Occlusion: with customizable intensity.


The post processing nature of the material makes it applicable and tweak-able for any project. Just create your postProcess volume and apply your material instance to it.

Easy and intuitive to use:

Create your material instance, tweak a few parameters, and get an infinite amount of cel toon postProcess shader styles.

Intuitive parameters’ names:

No technical names, a parameter name tells exactly what a parameter does.

If the name is not enough, some parameters have descriptions, just hover over your parameter.


Base pass shader without light map: 33 instructions

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