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✨ CCG Kit is the bestselling and most complete CCG solution for Unity.

Do you want to create your own multiplayer collectible card games in the spirit of the classics of the genre? Whether you are a small independent developer or a big studio, creating your first game or a commercial one, CCG Kit will help you bring your dreams to fruition.

This asset is a great starting point to develop your own multiplayer CCG/TCG and also to learn about how such a project can be architected and implemented.

? Documentation
❓ F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
? Exclusive Discord server for customers


• ?️ Server-authoritative multiplayer functionality leveraging Mirror.

• ⚙️ Integrated editor that allows you to specify the game’s fundamental properties and create new cards and decks in a visual way.

• ? Complete demo game in the spirit of the genre’s classics.

• ? Game user interface that makes extensive use of Unity’s built-in UI system.

• ⌨️ Complete and extensively documented C# source code.

• ?️ Official integration with Dedicated Server Kit for dedicated server setups (included for free and does not need to be purchased separately).

• ? Complete set of unique graphics designed by ricimi.


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