Cave System

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Cave system is a kit designed to help you build an underground level for your game with ease.

Included in the package 2 set of textures for rocks, with a utility script developed to switch with easy between a set of textures. An optional set of textures for emission from cracks of the rocks.
12-floor variants.
The package includes 100 prefabs, almost all provided with LOD’S, subdivided in :

– Flying cabin, with control script to build flight paths
– characters (bat/spider/rat,with animations)
– rocks
– props
– Cave modular pieces

The Cave modular pieces are the core of the kit, built in a modular fashion, every piece can be attached to another, allowing the construction of a very large underground level in a matter of minutes.

Using the other prefab included in the package every level can be highly customized to obtain a unique look.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now download Cave System FREE Unity

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