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Castles Cathedrals Interiors Kit

Download Castles Cathedrals Interiors Kit FREE Unity

Forgotten arcane cathedrals …
Dark medieval castles & dungeons …
Ancient lost library of knowledge …

Wherever your adventure leads you next,
this fully modular kit will assist you in building that game scene you always wanted, TopDown, FPS or third person.

Everything in this package is already part of AND included in the Village Interiors Kit the FULL Medieval Fantasy Interiors
No upgrade options are available later.
Buy it if you want the complete collection.

Try the demos of Castles Cathedrals Interiors Kit and see for yourself
Top-Down Dragon Keep | Stone Keep
FPS St.Alessandro Cathedral | Stone Keep

Castles Cathedrals Interiors Kit Key Features:
The package comes with 1572 meshes,
1800 prefabs & 81 Particle effects.