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Castle Valley Collection 1 (HDRP)

Download Castle Valley Collection 1 (HDRP) Unity

This is the HDRP version, but you can download the Standard Pipeline version at any time if you buy this version.

Over 100 sandstone formations made with true photogrammetry!

This is a complete kit, designed specifically for creating huge, yet detailed environments in your Unity project. You’ll get towering cliffs, stone spires and plateaus, ledges, blocks, and boulders, stone plates and capstones, rocks and rock-piles, ground-panels and more– Everything you need is included, and all of it works together with a consistent style.

These days, to create an interesting, believable environment, you’ll need a lot of actual content.

With the huge size of the Castle Valley Collection, you’ll have many choices when you reach for another boulder or cliff!

Everything was made with level design in mind. Say goodbye to bland, height-mapped terrain and add some real geometry and geology to your maps! Adding obstacles and enhancing the vertical dimension of the environment creates its own game-play.