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Cartoon Town – Low Poly Assets

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Cartoon city is highly customizable, mobile-friendly great low-poly assets containing various components which will help you to create or build your own dream city with a pleasant cartoon vogue or style.

Tileable floor and roads. Demo scenes and animations enclosed.


Prefabs (Total quantity includes colour or vogue variations):

Buildings: Fashion store, beauty parlour, Candy shop, supermarket, Post bank workplace, Pawnshop, Cafe, Restaurant, Magic shop, realty, farming store, Kiosk, Hospital, police headquarters, Townhall, depot, Windmill x3, Lighthouse, House one space x4, House a pair of rooms x4, House three rooms x4, Misc. shops x4

Plants: palm, coniferous tree x2, coniferous tree snow x2, Big tree, Long tree, Tree a pair of crowns x2, Tree three crowns x2, Tree four crowns x3, Bubble trees x2, Appletree, Lemon tree, Plumtree, citrus tree, Stripe tree x3, Tree trunks x2, Single Flower x9, Flowers x8

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