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Candy Farm Complete Game

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A simple story, Candy Farm is the game included in the harvesters, the candies and the candy producing. You will play the role of a harvester to make and pack the sweet candy.

  • Complete Game Natural selection:

it is not necessary to work to harvest, just need a soft touch to the same colour of candies which is lied side by side

(note: need to have at least 3 same colour candies)

  • Quickly harvest

The play rule is as easy as the game:” nonstop touching”. However, you need to produce and make a connection as much as possible.

  • Items:

The support items consist of time and double score. Use your gold to buy them.

  • Images-sound

Colourful images, the interesting sound will stimulate you to play the game.

  • Community connection

You can share with the social network such as leaderboard; facebook