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BulletPro – 2D Projectile Workspace

Download BulletPro – 2D Projectile Workspace FREE Unity.

BulletPro is the new default solution when your 2D game contains “something that shoots”.
It provides you with a fully dedicated workspace for tweaking the movement, appearance, and behaviour of your bullets, and all of this is accessible in real-time.

Endless design space:
Your pattern possibilities will be limitless thanks to parametric profiles, which offer the same workflow as the most popular postprocessing and VFX tools. All parameters are easy to find, randomize, link to one another or to game difficulty. You can even create your own parameters!

An optimized solution that takes cares of all technical aspects:
– GPU-based collisions
– Custom tag system
– Flexible pooling system
– VFX and SFX handler
– Composite colliders for custom shapes
All of this allows up to 1000-2000 bullets on screen and is fully mobile-friendly.
Full documentation for free:
The package comes with its full source code, full user manual, two quickstart guides and an Online Script Reference in case you want to extend BulletPro with your own code.
If you’re curious, all these documents are available for free so that you get an idea of how BulletPro works:
Quickstart 1
Quickstart 2
Full user manual
Online Script Reference

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