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BulletML for Unity

BulletML for Unity is a simple and powerful wrapper around the BulletML library.

BulletML is a famous game library used in many shooters. It allows you to design and play some very complex bullet patterns with a simple XML file. It’s especially useful in “Shoot’Em Up” games to create memorable boss fights or enemies.

Main features
– Simple and lightweight. No scripting required (if you don’t want to).
– XML files: easy ro read and to write
– Handles the difficulty level directly in your pattern
– Bullet bank mechanism. Associate a pattern’s bullet to a sprite easily.
– Customizable.
– Multi-platform.
– Completely documented.

This plugin works on all the platforms Unity supports.

Check our demo (including a showcase and a boss fight) to try the plugin.

“BulletML for Unity” is NOT the BulletML library (but it includes it).