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Build Complete VR App in Unity with Eye Tracking & EEG

Build a Complete VR App in Unity integrated with Eye Tracking, EEG Neurofeedback and collect data for Research Free Download Udemy Course.

What you’ll learn
Build VR App in Unity from scratch for research using C# programming language
Integrate Eye Tracking, calibration processes and EEG Neurofeedback
Save data in csv files from unity for research purposes including users demographics, questionnaire, Eye tracking and EEG
Learn how to clean eye tracking data using python
Learn how to convert eye tracker timestamps in unix timestamps for research using python
Learn how to save data into online database with php programming language
Learn Unity scene transitions in different ways, how to arrange and create more advance codes, how to backup project using Github and Github desktop

No programming language is needed.
Unity knowledge is not required.
You will learn everything from scratch.
In this course, you will learn how to build in Unity a VR App, learn how to create interactions in VR, how to include shaders and effects and how to integrate Eye Tracking, EEG and Neurofeedback for your research project. You will learn many methods to transition between scenes, you will learn more advanced codes and methods in Unity to correctly write the scripts and you will also learn how to back up your project into the GitHub server using the GitHub desktop. After this course, you will be able to collect data in Unity into CSV files from users’ demographic information, from questionnaires, eye tracking and EEG. This course will also cover two additional programming languages including Python and PHP. We will use python to clean data collected from the eye tracker and PHP to connect Unity with an online server and post the data into our online database. From this course, you will be able to learn the fundamental codes that will help you develop your own app for your research study. No coding and knowledge experience in Unity is required and no technological devices are required to follow this course. The aim of this course is to help you learn how to best utilize Unity for your own research project.