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Bubble Shooter Kit

✨Bubble Shooter Kit is the bestselling and most complete bubble shooter solution for Unity.

Do you want to create your own bubble shooter games in the spirit of the classics of the genre? Whether you are a small independent developer or a big studio, creating your first game or a commercial one, Bubble Shooter Kit will help you bring your dreams to fruition.

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?️ WebGL demo
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• ⚙️ Easy-to-use visual editor: create your own, unique levels and change the properties of your game without needing a knowledge of programming.

• ? Many bubble and booster types supported. Special boosters can also be purchased in-game. All the game tiles are prefabs and therefore can contain animations and extra features.

• ? Optimized for mobile: the UI scales across different portrait resolutions, game objects are pooled to keep the amount of garbage generated at runtime to a minimum and sprite atlases are used extensively in order to reduce the number of draw calls.

• ? Easy re-skinning: just replace the images and you are good to go!

• ?️ 30+ unique levels included that you can use as a starting point for your own game.

• ? Support for rewarded ads with Unity Ads.

• ? Support for in-app purchases with Unity IAP.

• ?‍? Complete set of unique graphics, animations and effects designed by ricimi.

• ⌨️ Professional, complete and extensively documented C# source code included that follows best practices for Unity projects.