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Bridges In Seconds Premium Pack

You can learn to build these bridges, then prototype them on your terrain with the free prototyping pack available Here.

Do you want to build up a realistic or toon bridge across a river ?

Don’t bother with the river width, its depth, the banks’ height and the terrain slope. You only choose the kind of bridge you want, its width, then you draw one point on each bank.

Your bridge is automatically build up, and the terrain is adjusted accordingly, including trees and grass. Default parameters will give you excellent results, however, you can get a fine control over the building process, offering you a lot of combinations.

The Built-in Render Pipeline and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) are supported. See

And if you have EasyRoads3D v3 (TM) , you may integrate roads and paths with your bridges in no time.

All the bridges implement Level Of Detail (LOD) management. In the Premium version, it is possible to disable it to only keep a LOW POLY level. As regards POLYGONS count, it depends on each bridge characteristics. Here is an example.

40 meters long Bridge with columns :