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Breeze – Advanced Character Behaviour

Breeze is an advanced behavior system tool that is useful for any kind of project.

Are you bored of other character solutions for Unity? Then Breeze is for you! With it’s unique and optimized features you can create any type of character for your game. It can handle shooter character, melee character, NPC character, wandering characterand a lot more. Breeze is not just a behaviour system solution but it is a extendable template.

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– Main Features –

-> Easy Setup Wizard

– Easily create systems with included editor window.

-> Built-in guides for setup

– The system warns you if your setup has any errors and fixes them.

-> Supports multiple weapons

– System can handle multiple weapons at once.

-> Sound Detection

– System can detect sound and react.

-> Supports Root Motion

– It can navigate with root motion animations.

-> Modular Shooter Behaviour

– Create characters with any ranged weapons you like.

-> Modular Melee Behaviour

– Create characters with any close-ranged weapons you like.

-> Custom actions for NPC Behaviour

– Create custom actions, play custom animations to make functional NPCs

-> Switching between weapons

– Manually or Automatically (when out of ammo) between weapons.

-> Melee Weapon Blocking

– Characters automatically play block animations to prevent taking damage.

-> Built-in waypoint system

– Characters can wander through the waypoints user created with the built-in editor.

-> Built-in spawning system

– Characters can spawn around player by texture and height detection.

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