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Brain Buster – Addictive Puzzle Unity Project

Brain Buster is a challenging physics puzzles for your brain! You need to get creative and draw shapes to solve the physics puzzles. In each level, you need to pass the mission by drawing one or more lines/shapes. You might need to connect two balls, place a ball into a basket, hit an item to another or place a shape in/out of the given area. The game assesses your performance by keeping track of your time and drawings and this can result in a 1, 2 or 3 star rating for each level you beat.


– This is a complete game ready to release. You can also design/add new levels within minutes.- Supports multiple pen size, quick reload, auto save & auto screenshot systems.
– AdMob ad sdk is integrated to help you have a solid monetization strategy for your investment.
– Easy to monetize, perfect to learn.
– Fully commented source code in C#
– Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Standalone platforms.
– Can be used as a base to prototype similar puzzle games.
– Simple and highly addictive game-play
– Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game.
– Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)
– Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-master

It works right out of the box! Just download the kit, load it up inside Unity and hit “Build” !!