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Bonfire – [Asset for Zibra Smoke & Fire]

Fully Interactive: Uses Zibra Smoke & Fire for real-time smoke simulation.
Easy to Use: All you need to do is buy the asset and simply drop it into your scene. No additional animations are needed; everything is operational right out of the box.
Highly Customizable: Tweak and modify the Bonfire asset to fit your specific vision. Its parameters are designed for ease of use, allowing changes in dynamics, appearance, and behavior without a steep learning curve.
Comes with built-in controls that allow you to regulate fire color, as well as fire and ashes emission intensity. You can also regulate the amount of particles, choosing the amount of fire sparks in simulation.

What is Zibra Smoke & Fire?

Zibra Smoke & Fire is an extension for the creation of volumetric effects based on real-time simulated smoke & fire.
Powered by custom physics simulation and AI-driven technology for neural object representation, this tool is versatile for adding realistic VFX, creating custom game mechanics, and accelerating scene prototyping.
Zibra Smoke & Fire delivers unparalleled performance across a range of devices, from mobile devices such as the iPhone 6s to high-end desktop GPUs like the RTX 4090.
Want to find out more? Check the description of Zibra Smoke & Fire.

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