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Boat Cargo Cruise Ship Simulator Unity

Boat Cargo Cruise Ship Simulator is a complete Unity project Simulator game It’s a 3d mobile game project that is ready to be launched in the Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS.
You only need to change the UI (Images, Text, TextMeshPro, Fonts…), change the sound from Assets and Sounds Folders replace the Font for text in Folder Font and replace the ad’s key in the GLEY Tools You can also add many advertising networks, and easily, you only have to add the SDK and add the ads KEY in Gley Tools, The project uses Unity new version 2019.3.9f.The project includes many game features like GLEY and Unity Ads Feel free to ask any related questions I’m here available to answer your all questions
Includes complete documentation.
✅ Easy to reskin and change UI.
✅ Unity Ads integrated (Interstitial ads).
✅ Gley Integrated ,Easy to add (Admob / FAN …).
✅ Compatible with mobile and desktop.
✅ Easy customization.
✅ Responsive UI.
✅ ready to publish.
✅ Difficulty increases as the levels progress.
✅ More than 15 levels easy to add new levels.
✅ Commented, clean C# scripts.
✅ Easy to add new features to the game.
The game was developed with Unity 2021.3.9f or higher.
You can download Unity for free.

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