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BM Weapon Systems

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As the Javascript has been deprecated by Unity, the Javascript adaptation of BattleMancer must be censured as well. Appreciate the C# rendition! ?

The BattleMancer is an amazing, total Asset, which permits you to make any kind of Weapons and Spells for Your Game effortlessly!

Will it be an Action Shooter, a Top-Down RPG, an RTS, a Survival Horror, a Tower Defense or a 2.5D Platformer – BattleMancer has all you have to make the most fitting Arsenal for any game!

The Battlemancer Weapon Systems is a simple, adaptable weapon creator layout, permitting you to make any Melee, Ranged and exceptional assault, just as Magic Spells, Character Skills, Firearms, Swords, uncovered hands assaults and Sci-Fi Guns for any Game Project of yours – creative mindsets as far as possible!

BattleMancer is a pack of four, huge frameworks, including:

– Weapon System

– Damage Area (AoE) System

– Projectile System

– Health System

– Limb System

A portion of the highlights:

Weapon System: (centre)

– Primary and Secondary Fire choices (with ammunition sharing alternatives!)

– Raycast(hitscan)/Projectile/Damage Area assaults for all your ran, AoE and scuffle needs.

– Damage Types (for the remarkable Damage Resistances of the BM Health System).

– Animation highlights for Attack WarmUp, Cooldown, Idle, Interval, Reload and Inspect – and the sky is the limit from there!

– Adjustable level and vertical exactness for both 3D and 2.5D Games’ weapons.

– Projected (crosshair item can be anticipated on the planet space, similar to a laser sight.)

– Remote Fire (Attack with Primary or Secondary fire physically with player information or call a basic capacity!)

– Multiple Sound highlights.

– Ejecting shells.

– Different impacts on Target and Environment hits.

– And more!

Independent Damage Area System:

– Multiple Damage Types and Damage Resistances alternatives.

– Repeated Attack (ideal for environmental dangers, fire, cold, plasma, enchantment, etc!)

– Single hit/Multihit (Damage Area can hit each target once in the course of its life or over and over. Allow them To consume!)- Hit Angle and Range.- Applying Force on objects (pushing or pulling them)

– Different impacts on Target and Environment hits.

– Obstacle Check-Multiple Sound highlights.- The vast measure of various clocks and postponements.