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BLOCKS: Atmosphere Control Module for COZY 2

Bring new control and ease of use to your COZY: Weather system with BLOCKS! Easily evaluate colors, set up day gradients, and manage time-of-day colors with the new custom module.

Distant Lands presents:

BLOCKS: Atmosphere Control Module

Tired of working with messy gradients and confusing parameters when changing your weather system’s colors? Do you crave more control over the individual colors at different times? Are you looking for an easy way to make your days more exciting for your players? Check out this new extension module for COZY: Weather 2!

Extend your COZY system with onboard tools:

Set all the colors for a single time in a profile to quickly evaluate aesthetics.
Gain full control over your game’s atmosphere with the NEW BLOCKS biome system! Smoothly transition into custom atmosphere setups in custom volumes.
Make use of the 7 block time slots and set up complex gradients with a few clicks.
Quickly change profiles using the new module.
Allow the COZY system to randomly select one profile from a list based on a series of modifiers. Create rarely-seen weather phenomena and break up your time-of-day system!
Help your players to notice changes in the climate using a Color Block’s chances. Modulate the chance that a block will play by the current time of year, temperature, or precipitation.
Struggling to balance all of the parameters but want to customize? Use the simple mode on the color block to condense all 42 parameters into 8 easy-to-understand variables.
Easily add/remove BLOCKS from a scene using COZY’s onboard module system.
Automatically override your COZY system non-destructively.

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