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Block Puzzle – Hexagon, Triangle, Square Shape Puzzle Game

BLOCK PUZZLE is a challenging puzzle game where the goal is to fit all the shapes on the grid. Drag the shapes to place them on the game board, try to find the correct spot for all the shapes so that there are no empty spaces and every shape in placed.

This asset supports levels with square, triangle, and hexagon shaped tiles! You can create a game with just one type of shape or have all three types in the same game!

Comes with a Level Creator Editor Window to manually or automatically create new levels. You can create levels tile by tile so all shapes are exactly how you want them or you can use the auto generation mode to generate randomly filled levels.

Block Puzzle Demo / Documentation
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● Supports Square, Triangle, and Hexagon shaped levels.

● Comes with Level Creator Editor Window to easily create new levels.

● Create levels of any shape by specifying blank tiles.

● Place “block” tiles where shape tiles cannot be placed, shapes must be placed around block tiles.

● Organize levels into Bundles / Packs.

● Packs can be locked, players must spend coins or make an in-app purchase to unlock.