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Blaze AI Engine

path recalculation rate for better adapting the AI performance to your target platform.
setting reaction time to distractions.
choosing whether to check distraction location or not.
choosing whether you want to avoid staring too close to obstacles when reaching waypoint.
Surprised emotion – getting surprised for seeing an enemy for the first time with custom animations and audio.
setting different patrol audios for each state.
random patrol idle animations (ex: tying shoes, reloading gun)
unlimited attack animations

You can change and customize everything for your differnet kinds of enemies with simply checking/unchecking and typing into empty properties using the amazingly simple and organized custom inspector. Blaze does all the hard-work for you from movement to everything else really, but the attack scripts are up to you. Drag and drop your attack scripts into Blaze and it’ll enable them when attacking.

This package comes with 6 demos (shown in the video) for built-in and URP to get you up and running, a full-fledged and thorough documentation and the source codes (commented and organized).

If you have any questions or technical issues (bugs), please email me or you can use the discord server.

If you like this tool please don’t hesitate to give a nice-quick review. It helps alot.

Best of luck!

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