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Blaze AI Engine

A comprehensive, FSM and highly customizable enemy AI engine for all your enemy needs for any type of game. Whether your enemy is melee, ranged or cover shooter. Blaze AI has got you covered.

Blaze AI is a fast, FSM, highly-customizable and a powerhouse universal enemy AI engine for a great price! If you want enemy npcs in your game no matter the genre, Blaze will build any model of your choice and make it smart, realistic and challenging for your game. It can literally turn any game object into a patrolling agent with a click of a button and no programming needed.

You’ll be surprised by the level of customizability you’ll get. Set your own animations, scripts and audios. With a whole lot of properties to choose from you can always make your enemies unique. Also comes with a ready AI agent prefab if you want to use that. Blaze AI performance is great on all platforms even mobiles.

CLICK HERE for full inspector screenshots and the documentation that comes with the package. Feel free to give it a good read/look to get to know the power of Blaze AI and how HUGE and customizable it is.

For support and questions check the Discord server.

***This package works on HDRP, URP and built-in pipelines***


Vision system (customizable for each state)
Normal state
Alert state
Attack state
Melee/ranged combat & cover shooter
Gravity & falling
Humanoid and Generic models
Waypoints (pre-set routes or randomly generate from navmesh)
Distractions system
NPC communication (agents talk to each other to reach target)
AI vs AI
Animation root motion
Path smoothing
Getting hit
Reacting with audio and animation to specific tags
Local avoidance
Enemy scheduler (queues attacking enemies one by one)
Walking backwards when target is too close
Run any custom script in any state
Audios to play on patrol (normal-alert state) or attack
Scriptable objects (called Blaze profiles) for easy management of different enemy types

We haven’t forgot the minor details that make an AI engine great. For instance:

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