Blade NPC Special Pack V1.6

Blade NPC Special Pack is a complete and huge character pack providing you with the best collection. These anime characters can take a lead role in your upcoming game.

Asset Info

> These characters are divided into seven parts
[Hair, face, body, hands, pants, boots, weapon] for customization.

> This pack has both [Blade warrior V 2.8] and [Blade girl V2.8] and [Blade NPC Chibi Pack]

> Includes all animations in an original file for [3D Max 2011]

> Applied [Humanoid Rig]

>Each character has [base+ 4 hair + 4 face, 7 Level equipment]


>Summer Costume set has just one mesh. and 2 materials[Head][Body]

>Halloween Costume set has just one mesh. and 2 materials[Head][Body]

For Mobile

> All each character have been added to the Optimization model on mobile.
> Each model ‘s Body textures are integrated into [For Mobile] folder (Body, Glove, Pants, Hand’s 4 Texture=> One Texture _Reduced Draw Call.

Blade NPC Chibi Pack V1.2 = Chibi Special

>> This Character is divided into 4 parts
[Hair, Face, Body, Weapon]
> It has Inherent animations.


>> This pack is a little more friendly on mobile than before.
But, It needs careful budget management.
> This Pack does not have customization scripts.

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[Demo Scene]

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