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Blackjack Pro! – Playmaker

download Blackjack Pro Playmaker FREE Unity

Supports Unity 2018!

*Must Own Playmaker
(Playmaker may be a third party addon sold-out by Hutong Games)

Try your luck and check your blackjack mastery! This classic gambling card includes a lot of choices and support for many facet rules. start quickly along with your own absolutely featured blackjack game.


NEW! – currently applies modern Unity UI for all elements together with cards.
NEW! – Sufficient lighting and shadow support.
NEW! – simply make a choice from second or 3D.

1- commonplace “Soft 18” / “Hard 17” Dealer AI (Customizable)
2- Shuffle each hand or at intervals
3- Use single or multiple card decks
4- 5 card draw limit
5- commonplace Rules:
– Natural Win
– Win
– Push
– Lose
6- facet Rules:
– Double Down
– Insurance
– Surrender
– Split
7- simply customise chip values
8- Intelligent card-playing system
9- Card placement helper
10- Makes intensive use of Array Maker
11- Sound effects enclosed
12- Card art enclosed
13- bit controls inbuilt
14- Mobile and WebGL prepared
15- but seven draw calls!