Biker Character

Biker Character is cool and high-quality 3d character asset that will add some muscle into your game. The game will look amazing with this character!

UPDATE v1.1!

Now with PBR and Console Spec texturing support! The package now comes with TWO full EXTRA sets of textures for use with more cutting edge and fully featured workflows and material pipelines (PBR and console spec material not included):

PBR – Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Glow, Anisotropic direction and AO maps are all included (all lighting removed from albedo and captured in the AO instead).
Console Spec – Diffuse, Normal, Coloured Specular, Gloss, Glow, Anisotropic direction maps are all included.

____________________________________________________________________________ 5 LOD levels make this character perfect for any scenario – from high-res in-game cutscene, to mobile.

LOD0 – 13,000 polys, rigged eyes and mouth, alpha hair
LOD1 – 8,000 polys, alpha hair
LOD2 – 6,500 polys
LOD3 – 4,500 polys, alpha hair
LOD4 – 3,500 polys

Full resolution 2048×2048 diffuse, normal and specular textures for each of the head and body and 1024×512 diffuse/ alpha for the hair means this character stands up to the closest of scrutiny.

Mechanim compatible and ready. to be used with any mecanim animations!

Don’t waste your time and grab exciting assets ASAP

Asset Store Link –

Biker Character v1.2.unitypackage – 149.93 MBDownload – 149.86 MBDownload

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