BIG Environment Pack

Download BIG Environment Pack FREE Unity

This package contains :

Bushes: seven completely different species in over sixty variations.
Grass: fourteen completely different grass textures + 4 grass meshes.
Flowers: five completely different species in nine variations.
Plants: eight completely different species in twenty-seven variations.
Trees: ten completely different species in 133 variations.
Underbrush: six differing types in fourteen variations.
Terrain Textures: twelve completely different textures.
Rocks & Stones: twenty-one differing types with optimized collision meshes in fifty-two variations.
Particle FX: six completely different particle effects
Buildings: eighteen buildings with optimized collision meshes and three Lod stages.
Castle Construction Kit: nine completely different parts.
Just place states of peace along and build castles/keeps in any form you wish.
Each element comes in three Lod stages.
Props: fifty-five props.
Scenes enclosed :
– massive Landscape (Lod and occlusion culling) – Carribean scene – Turntable scene

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