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BIG Environment Pack Vol.2

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Features :
Bushes: 8 absolutely unique species in over eighty variations.
Grass: five totally distinct species in over 21 variations.
Plants: 8 entirely different species in 22 variations.
Trees: 8 quite different species in 240 variations.
Underbrush: Over forty Prefabs.
Ice: five Iceplates, small-ice plates in seven variations, three massive Icerocks, Icicles in eleven variations and a Frozen lake.
Rocks & Stones: eighteen different forms of rocks and stones from tiny to massive in over fifty variations. .
Buildings :
Palisade with four variations, fifteen ruins with tiny components, stonewalls with components, 4 tents, four homes in eight variations
Props: fifty-three Props in several variations.
Terrain Textures: twelve textures.
Particle FX: half a dozen shuriken particle effects
Scripts: random particle emitting, Rain/Snow resolution
Scenes: four scenes, two larger scenes, one tiny scene and 1 inventory scene.
Many assets come with LOD teams and collision meshes for nice optimisation