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Big Car Pack

Ready-to-use 3D car model in the project. Stunning visual quality and detailed study of all elements (Salon, Engine, bottom, wheels). It is carefully optimized for maximum performance on all modern devices.

The package contains:
-14 unique cars.
-6-8 Types of colors.
-All materials, textures and other parts of package properly named.
-Model is properly scaled and aligned along Z-axis.
-Car paint colour and smoothness can be customized.
-Separated and properly aligned four wheels.
-You can make Your own custom painting for body using included UVW Map coordinate.
-Every Prefab has a Lod.
-Has a simple physical body for collision.
-Clear and optimized geometry.
-The front and rear bumper are separated.
Ready for animation.
-The trunk and hood are separated. Ready for animation.
-Separated 4 doors. Ready to animate.
-Clear and optimized geometry.
-Separated glass.

Check out the details and buy a license from the Unity Asset Store: