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Better Lit Shader 2021

The Better Lit shader 2021 is an improved Lit shader which runs across all render pipelines, and offers a number of multi-layer and procedural techniques to texturing.

The Better Lit Shader 2021 acts as a replacement for the built In pipleine’s Standard, or URP/HDRP Lit shaders with the following features and improvements:

NEW in 2021: Unity 2021.3LTS required as minimum version
NEW in 2021: Support for HDRP/URP in Unity 2021.3LTS and Unity2022.2
NEW in 2021: Mat Cap lighting models, per texture layer or globaly.
NEW in 2021: Parallax Occlusion Mapping
NEW in 2021: Dither Alpha options for transparentcy on opaque shaders
NEW in 2021: Clear Coat mapping in URP/HDRP on every texture layer
NEW in 2021: Approximate Sub Surface Scattering for main and all texture layers
NEW in 2021: Triplanar Texturing, project a texture from each side
NEW in 2021: Effector system, control effects based on spheres and planes in the world
NEW in 2021: Wireframe Rendering
NEW in 2021: Sparkle and Fresnel options on Snow and and every texture layers
NEW in 2021: Noise Quality and Noise Space now available per layer instead of globally
NEW in 2021: Fast Metallic Packing, new packing mode for metallic workflows
NEW in 2021: Fourth Texture Layer
NEW in 2021: 6 sided gradient projection, for Momument Valley style rendering
NEW in 2021: Vertex Coloring
NEW in 2021: Variant Stripping System, to speed up builds and reduce build size
NEW in 2021: URP/HDRP12.x support
NEW in 2021: Baked Lit mode for URP
NEW in 2021: Geometric Specular AA for HDRP
HDRP style texture packing, or a custom tightly packed texture format for faster shading
Tessellation & Parallax Support
Crack Free Tessellation mesh preprocessor
Stochastic sampling of textures to remove tiling
Tint Masking, allowing you to colorize 4 separate parts of the main texture layer independently.
Full Support for Bakery GPU Lightmapper
HDRP style Detail Texturing
Four additional independent Texture Layers, which can be used as a detail texturing, height blended, or alpha blended, with independent options for Triplanar UVs, Triplanar Texturing, and Stochastic on each layer. These can also be masked via vertex painting, noise functions, and procedural functions, allowing you to create many different effects.
MicroShadows and Fuzzy Shading available on every layer
Use UV, UV1, Triplanar UV, Triplanar Texturing, or world projections on each texture layer
Flat Shading
Single or Double Sided
Wetness, automatically integrates with Enviro and Weather Maker
Puddles, automatically integrates with Enviro and Weather Maker
Automatic placement of puddles via noise functions and angle filters
Snow system, automatically integrates with Enviro and Weather Maker
Wind system, for particulate wind over surfaces
Dissolve Effect, with optional gradient edge w/ optional emissive
Trax integration allows you to leave trails on any material you create
Vegetation Studio procedural indirect support
Support for all VR rendering modes
Generate normals directly in the shader to save sampling/memory on low end systems, or use the Surface Gradient framework for higher quality blending.
Branch Sampling, to reduce the cost of stochastic and triplanar sampling
Debuging mode to visualize actual sample count used by the shader
LOD Dither fading
Custom Material Interface
Only uses local keywords, no global keywords added