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Better Editor 2 Pack – Your Future Editor, Today

Save time and lower frustration with these Quality of Life Editor Enhancements. Editor Portals lets you jump around your scene instantly. Perfect F replaces the F key with more power.

BUNDLE AND SAVE 25%, both would cost $40 or get them together for $30! Save $10!


Better Editor 2 Pack is a bundle which includes 2 assets. After purchasing this bundle, visit each package listed below, and you will be able to get them for free.

???? Leap! ($20 to $15, 25% off)

Is a fun and unique way of getting around your scene in a way you never thought possible. Just point into the distance, and fly there! A convenient preview window will show your final destination. That’s not all! You can actually adjust the rotation and position and land exactly where you want, how you want!

(note, previously called “Editor Portals” some marketing images have not yet been updated)

⌨️ Perfect F ($20 to $15, 25% off)

Replaces and enhances the vanilla “F” key and ‘fixes’ it so that it actually works like you always expected it to. Never again will you zoom OUT when you almost certainly meant to zoom in. Beyond that, you’ll love the ability to rotate left and right or tilt up and down around the Game Object. My favorite feature is Canvas mode where it will perfectly line up a Worldspace Canvas to your view so you can just get to work moving your UI around. Camera mode will put you exactly in the same vantage point as the camera you selected. And Terrain mode will hover slightly over and slightly above your terrain. It’s perfect!