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Best HTTP/2

Download Best HTTP/2 Free Unity. 

If you want a plugin that supports request customization for REST, WebSocket, Socket.IO, SignalR, SignalR Core, Server-Sent Events (and much more) over HTTP/2 out of the box, with regular updates and outstanding support from the developer, then BestHTTP/2 is THE tool for you!

You can try out the package on its own demo page and read the online documentation.

Now with TLS 1.3 support!

All source code included!

Supported platforms:
– WebGL
– iOS, Android
– UWP, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Most notable features are:
– HTTP/2
– Customize all parts of your requests:
◦ Headers
◦ Cookies
◦ Max redirect count
◦ Timeouts
– Access every bits sent by the server:
◦ Headers
◦ Status code
◦ Cookies
◦ Raw content
◦ Trailing headers
– Connection and memory pooling
– Connection and request timeouts
– Automatic Cookie handling
– Great range of Proxy support (Fiddler, Charles, etc.)
– HTTP and Socks Proxy support
– Automatic caching and cache validatation
– Set your cache size and freshness
– gzip content encoding
– Basic and Digest authentication
– Multiple form types (url-encoded and multipart/form-data)
– Automatic redirection handling
– Upload and Download progress tracking
– Access your data while downloading
– You can resume downloads using Range headers
– Customize a great range of global settings:
◦ Max connection per server
◦ Enable/disable cookies
◦ Private ‘Browsing’
◦ Cookie Jar size
◦ etc

WebSocket features:
– Full RFC compliance
– Easy to use, ‘just works’ experience
– Support for extensions:
◦ Compression Extensions for WebSocket (RFC7692)
-WebSocket Over HTTP/2

Socket.IO features:
– Compliance with the latest (3.x and 4.x too!) Socket.IO implementations
– Automatic transport upgrade and downgrade
– Binary data sending and receiving
– You can plug in your favorite Json decoder

SignalR Core features:
– Supports latest SignalR Core
– Support for MessagePack encoding
– Strongly typed callbacks
– Uses the fastest Websocket transport with fallback option to long-polling
– Package includes a Header-based authenticator
– Upload and download streaming