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Behavior 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works

Define how characters behave using multiple AI techniques

This module requires Game Creator 2 in order to work.

Create your own behavioral AI systems using 4 industry-standard techniques.

State Machines are the easiest and most intuitive tools to use. At any given time an agent can be executing a single state, and has a list of transitions to other ones.

Behavior Trees offer a way to keep systems more organized. It comes with all the common types of nodes, such as Tasks and Sub Graphs.

Composites nodes allow to branch the logic into multiple paths, using Selectors and Sequence types, among others.

Decorator nodes allow to transform the result of executing its child nodes. For example, using the Inverse decorator turns a Failure result into a Success.

GOAP or Goal Oriented Action Planning is a novel technique in which you define multiple tasks of things to do, without any order and the behavior brain will figure out the best possible combination at any given time in order to fulfill a list of Goals.

Utility AI (also known as Needs-based AI) is an advanced behavioral AI technique that allows to define how much a Task node should be prioritized over others using a dynamic numeric value and an easing curve.