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Beautify HDRP

This version of Beautify works only with HDRP. For built-in and URP, use Beautify 2.

Beautify HDRP is a post-processing effect created for High Definition Rendering Pipeline that improves the image quality in real-time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

Key Features of Beautify HDRP:
• Enhances visual features, restores or augment image detail, producing sharp images – in many cases, the change can be dramatic.
• Improves pixel color when needed, without oversaturating the image.
• Removes the extra blur caused by many antialias post effects.
• Reduces or completely removes banding artifacts in gradients, usually seen in skyboxes due to color quantization.
• Improves perceptual texture quality – even low-resolution textures look better.

Note: this version of Beautify does not include any extra effects like bloom or depth of field.

Requirements & Setup
• Unity 2019.3 or later
• High Definition RP 7.1.8 or later
Click here for setup instructions.