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Beautify 3 – Advanced Post Processing

NEW! Beautify 3 adds support for Unity 2022 (also supports 2020/2021), includes new antialiasing and cinematic bands effects, and adds new options and improvements to bloom, anamorphic flares, outline, chromatic aberration and depth of field.

This asset contains 3 packages:

– Beautify for Builtin Pipeline

– Beautify for URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline)

– Beautify for Post Processing Stack v2

(Looking for HDRP support? Click here).

Beautify is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

Key Features:

• Enhances visual features, restores or augment image detail, producing sharp images – in many cases the change can be dramatic, like switching to High Definition.

• Improves pixel color when needed, without oversaturating the image.

• Removes the extra blur caused by many antialias post effects.

• Reduces or completely removes banding artifacts in gradients, usually seen in sky boxes due to color quantization.

• Improves perceptual texture quality – even low resolution textures look better.

• Works with forward and deferred rendering paths as well as linear and gamma color spaces.

• Works on WebGL, mobile, 2D and 3D.

• VR Multi-Pass, Single Pass Stereo and Single Pass Instanced supported in built-in pipeline.

• VR Multi-Pass supported in PPSv2.

• VR Multi-Pass and Single Pass Stereo/MultiView supported in URP.

Beautify’s customers love it!

“Added to my ‘Must-Have-in-All-Projects’ list.”

“I couldn’t make a game without it anymore.”

“I will be importing it into all my games.”

“It’s the ‘make pretty’ button the CGI crowd longed for since the beginning of mankind.”

“A genuine enhancement. Visuals are dramatically improved.”

Additional Integrated Effects:

In addition to the unique image enhancement algorithm, Beautify also includes advanced, high-quality effects with unique options. All these effects are carefully engineered for performance and correctly integrated in the same render pass for superior performance:

• Sun Lens Flares. Fast GPU flares with diffraction ghosts, halo and animated Sun rays.

• Purkinje. Simulates retina achromatic vision plus blue spectrum shift under low light conditions.

• Outline. Adds a colored border to all objects. Depth or Color (Sobel) based modes (works in 3D and 2D).

• Chromatic Aberration or chromatic distortion, simulates light rays passing through a lens focus at different points, depending on their wavelength.