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Beat em Up 2D Ultimate Kit

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Beat em Up 2D Ultimate Kit is a beat’em up the game template, which is made using the best practices of a genre.
This asset lets you create your own original gameplay by making your own characters, maps, configuring a variety of AI/power parameters, arranging usable objects on a scene and writing your own plot

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The player controls one of the playable fighters. The goal is to get through tens of enemies to a usable object that triggers “win”. The player can beat, block, jump, use usable objects (shoot weapon, collect medkits, score points), and select other playable fighters. Ally and enemy have AI, which lets them patrol area, follow attack opponent, randomly block attacks, randomly make super punches, pick weapon and shoot. You can create different characters or usable objects as many, as you want. You can fully customize any parameter (chance of block, the chance of super punch and so on).
Premade menu allows the player to buy other characters for coins (in-game currency), earn coins by watching rewarded videos, sharing game links or following developer on Twitter and Tumblr. The settings menu allows the player to turn on/off the audio and enter promo code. Also, the package comes with premade UI for Everyplay service.