Battleground Game Framework

Battleground Game Framework provides you the best third person experience and help you in making next level engaging games effortlessly.

-Third Person Controller (C# source commented)
-Mechanim-Powered Animations
-Intermediate-Level Open-World A.I.
-A.I. Can Attack / Chase / Wander
-A.I. Waypointing w/ Obstacle Avoidance
-3 A.I Types: Soldier / Vehicle / Hovercraft
-Tank A.I. w/ Rotating Turrets
-2 Opposing Teams Using Unity Tags
-Weapon System w/ Splash Damage
-Call in Orbital Strikes (Artillery)
-Weapon Inventory System
-Object Pool System
-Spawn System
-Easily swap sounds & special fx
-Core Features Editable in Unity Editor (no coding)
-Commented C# Source Code
-Expandable w/ Our Additional Addons
-Includes an intense battle scene
Bonus terrain & battlefield environment

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