Download Basic SSAO (URP / LWRP) FREE Unity. 

Basic SSAO solution for your URP/LWRP project. Based on Depth Texture only means it can work with almost any rendering method.

-Control various SSAO parameters like: Radius, Self Shadowing Reduction, Occlusion Factor etc to achieve the effect you want
Smooth depth cutoff
-Resolution downscaling
-Simple and complex normals from depth
Biliteral blur to prevent color bleeding on edges of geometry
-Gives good looking results even with a few samples per pixel (8, 12)
-Fast, takes 0.2ms to render on my RX580 with 8 samples and 1 blur iteration.

For integration with URP / LWRP pipelines asset uses Render Feature make sure you can add/use render feature in your project. If you are not using any asset using render feature then probably yes 🙂

This asset is not suitable for applying AO on small faraway objects because of depth buffer precision, this asset is more for scene with objects close to camera.

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