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The “Bad Word Filter” (BWF) is a profanity/obscenity filter and is exactly what the title suggests: a tool to filter swearwords and other “bad sentences”.

There are multiple uses for the “Bad Word Filter” in your projects, but the three most obvious would be user names (e.g. for high-scores), in a chat within the game and character names.

In our library included are the following 24 languages (bad words as regular expressions which match ten thousands of word variations):

Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.
Furthermore, you can add (or remove) any word and language you’d like!
We also included the following special filters: reserved names (from games, movies, comics etc.), global bad words and emojis (miscellaneous symbols).

Filter function
• Review, select, read and replace:
◦ Bad words and inappropriate phrases
◦ Domains, URLs and email addresses
◦ Excessive capitalization (e.g. “DUDE”)
◦ Excessive punctuation (e.g. “!!11111”)
• All four filters can be used separately and changed during run-time!

Contains over 4’000 of regular expressions in 24 languages – equivalent to tens of thousands of word variations!
Supports any language and any writing system:
• Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese etc.
• Including ltr/rtl (left to right/right to left)
• Automated (easy) pluralization of English terms!

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