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Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox

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Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox is no doubt one of the most powerful physically-based unique sky framework that will raise your undertaking to another level. It was created to be straightforward, quick and simple to utilize while keeping all the force and control in your hands.

Azure[Sky] contains two distinctive sky frameworks that work freely and every one of them has an alternate reason and highlights. The sky material can be utilized as a default skybox or as a skydome and it is conceivable to redo the sky with a few unique styles and impacts.

Standard Sky System: This sky framework has been totally revamped in form 4.2.0 and accompanies another interface and numerous new highlights.


new Profiles System.

new Climate System.

new Sound Effects.

new Fog System.

new Height Fog.

new Calendar System.

new Curve System.

new Output System.

Precomputed Sky System: This sky framework depends on the most reasonable sky model of the present days, it utilizes precomputed information and gives you a high devotion sky like the reality. This sky model backings height varieties and is appropriate for any individual who needs a very reasonable barometrical impact.