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AVPro Video – Core Windows Edition

AVPro Video: Advanced video playback for Unity


Links: Webpage | Documentation | Support | Forum


New Features:

Direct3D 12 support
WinRT API for better Streaming on Windows
Windows support for videos with stereo metadata
macOS and iOS more performant and using less memory
Latest Android ExoPlayer
Android support for audio piping to Unity
Auto-detection of stereo videos
& much more – see documentation here for details

General Features:

Easy to use
Fast and powerful video playback
Based on 8 years of Unity video plugin development
Battle tested in professional productions
Native support for Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android and UWP
No huge dependent libraries (eg FFMPEG)
Unity 2018.x – 2021.x supported
Easy to use drag and drop components
Free watermarked trial version available
Strong documentation and developer support

Playback Features:

Play local, remote and adaptive (HLS/DASH) videos
VR, 360, 180, Mono and Stereo videos supported
8K+ video decoding (on supported systems)
Transparent videos
Audio piping to Unity

Workflow Features:

In editor preview and playback
Asset type for easily defining video content

Ultra Edition Features: