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AVPro Movie Capture

Download AVPro Movie Capture FREE Unity. 

Advanced high-quality capture/rendering from Unity directly to AVI / MP4 video files 

+ Very easy to use
+ Optimised for high performance
+ *NEW* Unity 2017 support
+ Supports Unity 4.6 – 5.x and 2017.x
+ Real-time capture and offline rendering
+ Rendering to 8K resolution
+ Works in the editor and also in standalone builds
+ Use any video codec you want
+ Equi-rectangular capture for 360 degrees VR (mono and stereo)
+ *NEW* Omni-directional stereo (ODS) support for VR renders
+ Motion blur rendering
+ Linear and Gamma colour-spaces supported
+ Can capture alpha channel for creating transparent videos
+ Records audio directly from Unity or from a Windows recording device