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Auto Hand – VR Physics Interaction

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No more grabbing through objects. Making an object freely grabbable is as easy as adding a single script!

Auto Hand uses a Rigidbody hand controller that automatically configures to the collider’s shape when grabbing. Works well with all primitive colliders and convex mesh colliders! Includes pose drivers and grab points for complex shapes and grabs.

Auto Hand includes a physics-based VR controller/interaction system. VR physics controller includes effects such as weight, collision, distribute forces between multiple grab sources, and breaking events. High-quality throwing and catching. Physics-based gadgets, levers, sliders, doors, wheel, dial, and buttons examples.


Actively being updated with new features!

Will connect to any VR controller/input framework with ease!

Unity XR, Unity Legacy XR, SteamVR, and Oculus Integration example input packages!

Designed for trigger/button grabbing and releasing

Can be applied to any rigged hand model with any number of fingers

Connect to any controller with only three function calls!