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Auto Fence & Wall Builder is a great tool for the fast style and building of fences and walls, from presets or your own styles. Fences & walls dead align with the slope of the bottom, following the trail of your click-points.

New in version two.1:
Easily add any GameObject to use as a part within the fence/wall style. Build hybrid fence & wall styles by combination & matching many various components.

Many more components & layers, as well as Castle & fort walls, several new Brick & concrete walls, and Industrial components.

Unity five PBR Materials.

You can select from 100s of presets and components, build your own from enclosed kit components, use your own Game Objects, or randomize!
Fence a whole game level in minutes instead of days!

With simply a number of clicks, you’ll produce advanced fences of any form and layout, and any length from some of the meters to thousands!

Detailed management over each parameter of the fence style permits you to form nearly unlimited sorts of the fence in any vogue.

There is zero setup time with this tool; Import it, click double or a lot of. Done! At any stage, you’ll select or produce a replacement fence/wall vogue, whereas the layout of it remains in situ.
Any fence you build can adapt to the contour of the bottom to a lower place, and you have got full management over interpolation, rounding, height and quality.

There are controls for thinning-out the fence models supported distance or angle, and with simply 2 clicks you’ll finalise, and begin a replacement fence.

Full ASCII text file enclosed

Optimised, classified & combined for low Drawcalls, generally 1-10 per 100m betting on quality, however, all individual items are simply accessed.
Polygon count per part: Average 6-20, few high details meshes 100+.

New Demo in V2.2 showing the way to management AFWB from at intervals your own scripts.

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