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Audio Toolkit

Audio Toolkit is a complete, easy-to-use, and performance optimized framework to play and manage music and sound effects in Unity. Designed for and used in AAA game titles.
Compatible with 2018/2019/2020/2021
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Features include:
* Set up complex sound and music behavior without any coding.
* Super-easy audio triggering in scripts: e.g. AudioController.Play(“MySoundID”);.
* Define audio assets in categories with volume adjustable at runtime.
* Specify alternative sounds using advanced selection modes.
* Audio object pools for optimized performance on all platforms including iOS, Android, VR, etc..
* Many audio parameters, such as: random pitch & volume, delay, looping, etc.
* Special functions for music including cross-fading and playlists.
* Gapless audio stitching with random variations.
* Overview and log windows to manage a large amount of audio.
* Bonus: Pooling class free to use for any purpose

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: