Auction House for uMMORPG

– View dynamic sell-offs you have recently offered on to permit you to offer in the event that you have been outbid or increment your past offer.

– Post barters available to be purchased to different players. Posting of sell-offs has a store charge dependent on this estimation: (ItemVendorSalePrice x StackSize x DurationFeePercent).

– Each span length is in days and can be changed alongside its charge per cent. Default esteems are: (1 Day – 0.1%, 3 Days – 0.2%, 5 Days – 0.3%)

– If you post a sale and it deals you will be discounted the store expense.

– When a sale has finished, there is a last worth expense that is subtracted from the dealers’ profit consequently. (Default expense is 0.1% of the sales last worth)

– You can guarantee all your gold and things from a cases tab from barters that have finished or been outbid on.

– Every 15mins (variable) a check for barters that are waiting be finished run and prepared.

– Categories are put away in an enum, you can alter/include/expel classes.

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