Auction House for uMMORPG

Download Auction House for uMMORPG FREE Unity

Auction House for uMMORPG

Requires uMMORPG 1.187+ or uMMORPG 2D 1.55+

This addon will add an auction or sale house framework to your uMMORPG game to permit players to purchase and deal with things with different players on your server.


– Every tab of the sale house underpins pages, will show a maximum of 20 things for every page and is alterable.

– Search things by full or incomplete thing name with level range and class/subcategory.

– Sort things by tapping on the section names to sort climbing (a-z/0-9) or diving (z-a/9-0).

– You can offer on chosen things at the base offer permitted, enter in a higher offer in the event that you wish, or you can buy out the thing. (Note: You can’t offer or buyout your own barterings)

– If an offer matches or is higher than the buyout then it will buy out the thing at buyout cost.

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