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Ask Me Anything About Unity

Ask Me Anything About Unity Free Download. 

Student-requested topics including ECS, Job System, Databases, Augmented Reality, Procedural Animation, AI and more.

What you’ll learn

Apply a diverse set of new game development skills to find custom solutions in implementing their own game mechanics.


Be familiar with the Unity Game Engine (V. 2018+)
Have an intermediate understanding of C#


What do YOU want to know about Unity but have been afraid to ask? Do you think your questions are too trivial to become an entire course? Every day Dr Penny de Byl receives messages from her students asking for assistance on a wide variety of topics that would benefit from a short tutorial. In this course, Penny puts her 25 years of game development, research and teaching into practice to answer your questions in a variety of popular short workshop based tutorials. Each month the next most popular tutorial request will be added to the course, here in Udemy, until a total of 10 topics have been covered.

Topics covered so far include:

The Unity Entity Component and Job System

Targeting Missiles

In-game Quest Systems

Reading and Writing to a Database

Animating Facial Expressions

Introduction to Augmented Reality for Android and iOS

Object Pooling

Working with Asset Bundles

Contents and Overview

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