ARPG Attributes, Items, & Abilities

Download ARPG Attributes, Items, & Abilities FREE Unity. 

Inspired by Diablo-esque dungeon crawlers, an equipment, item, attributes, loot, and abilities system that leverages Scriptable Objects.

NEW! Playable Dungeon with Orcs Demo Try it out! (Dungeon & Orcs Assets NOT INCLUDED. See the credits at the demo.)

[ Playable Bare Demo | Playable Dungeon with Orcs Demo | Full Documentation | Website ]

Main Customizable Features
—–*Equipment Traits
—–*Loot Tables
—–*Loot Drops
—–*Abilities NEW!
—–*Equipment Slots
—–*Ability Tree NEW!
—–*Auras NEW!

Also includes
—–*Saving System
—–*Clothing System
—–*Basic NavMesh movement and combat
—–*Formulas for physical and elemental combat damage
—–*JSON saving/loading NEW!
—–*Dual Wielding NEW!

[ Playable Demo | Full Documentation | Website ]

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