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Army of Skeletons

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Can accord related animations with Skeleton Hero Playable Character !asset including all its single assets via Mecanim:

Excellent for executing evil armies for first-person also third-person games.
Four animated skeleton characters and four non-animated skeletons:
1. Skeleton Warlord character, 45 animations
2. Skeleton Sorcerer character, 47 animations
3. Skeleton Archer character, 48 animations
4. Skeleton Footman character, 46 animations
5. Skeleton T-pose prop
6. Skeleton Lying prop
7. Skeleton Standing prop
8. Skeleton Sitting prop

The skeleton alone has 7,292 polygons, 13,676 triangles, 7,200 vertexes. A skeleton with armor and weapons has about 8,000 – 10,000 polygons, 15,00-18,000 triangles, 8,000-10,00 vertexes.