Armored Golem

Armored Golem package contains a whole character with basic animations to work with and a very low poly count that works properly on mobile devices. Also, add the different colour versions where you can build your own army with a single model and different textures.

. Main model: 1,6k polys

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. 10x color/albedo maps
. Metalness/smoothness map
. 2x emissive maps
. Displace map (normal map alpha)
. Occlusion map
. Reflection mask
. Normal map

Includes 2 custom shaders created with Shader Forge exclusively for this character, including DX11 tessellation (High-Quality Model). For unity5: Material is ready with built-in standard PBS

All animations are mecanim ready and compatible with any humanoid character. There is only one avatar for all animations (ArmoredGolem Avatar)
. Stand Idle
. Look around
. Walk cycle
. Walk forward
. Jump
. Attack 1
. Attack 2
. Attack 3
. Get hit 1
. Get hit 2
. Get hit 3
. Die

The asset includes a demoscene (the one you can see on the web player) with a sci-fi platform and all sources used in the web player.

I hope you enjoy the asset. If you have any questions or troubles you can REQUEST SUPPORT HERE
If you liked the package please let me know your opinion rating the asset and writing a review, thanks!

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